Angry Birds Bike Revenge

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Game description:
Angry Birds Bike Revenge is one of the many in the Angry Birds collection found. The aim stays the same: destroy all the enemies! But this time they decided that it’s best to hop on a bike and run over them. There are three angry birds on one bike and plus you, the invisible angry bird, the one who’s gonna control the bike. So, take the things into your own hands, take over the control and the responsibility for the final result of this awesome bike game. You are the master and the guider in this adventure of ten thrilling levels. To lead them to the victory you’ll have to work on your bike riding skills, so let’s start. Press up arrow key to accelerate and ride forwards; down arrow key to break and ride backwards; left arrow key to tilt to the left; and right arrow key to tilt to the right. It won’t be possible to perform a flip because you don’t have much control over the bike, but it’s enough to ride over difficult obstacles and dangerous abysses, thus get the birds to the finish line. Press Space Bar if you fail level or simply click the retry button. You’ll get ten lives for all ten levels, so use them wisely and complete the game with a really high total score. The score is based on the egg bonuses you have collected, the enemies you’ve destroyed and the time it took you to complete the level. So, be fast, collect bonuses and get rid of your enemies!

Game name: Angry Birds Bike Revenge

Game size: 2.56 MB Submitted: Fri, 09 Aug 2013 Played: 1731